UI/UX Design

How it looks & How someone uses it

There’s nothing worse than an app or website with difficult navigation, repetitive content, and above all else, a property that doesn’t help grow your business. When it comes to User Experience and User Interface design we take a very simple approach: the human approach.


What do you/they want? What do you/they need?

The human approach is simple and it’s based on meeting the wants and needs of you- the administrator, your business, and the end user. When engaged in UX/UI design we ask a lot of questions to ensure we are providing the right information structure for your solution.

Often, User Experience and User Interface Design get clumped together as one element in the development process. Here at Apexacore we believe they are very different and deserve to be considered separately to achieve maximum use of design time and cost as well as the maximum efficiency of your technology solution.

User Experience is the design of the strategy of your technology solution. A well built strategy involves the following elements: focused field research, gathering statistics, interviewing, testing, requirement writing, user testing, creating user scenarios or personas, product design, feature writing, interaction design, information architecture, usability, prototyping, interface layout, terminology creation, and copywriting.

User Interface is the design of the graphics of technology solution. This may be a simple definition to make a point, but we consider User Interface to be the graphics design, the visual design, and branding of the experience design. User Interface can be discussed prior to user experience design but not completed or finalized until the experience design is complete.

Working tightly with the programming team, Apexacore works with an in-house UX designer to ensure every product we build for you is the right product that satisfies, enhances, and strengthens your solution.

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