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Fixed Price Contract – You tell us what you want, we quote you, you pay the agreed price. Guaranteed.

Main Advantage
Your project cost is fixed, with no suprises.

Eligible Project Types
Mobile Apps – iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry
Cloud Applications – Cloud based data driven browser based applications

How We Work
We offer the full development lifecycle from helping with the specification and needs analysis, through development and into testing and deployment. We focus on delivering on time and delivering the right solution for your requirements.

Partner with Apexacore and gain a team
Our development team can complete and deliver the fully finished product, or the can become a virtual part of your company, integrating with your team members.

We have the People & the Skills
Our development team has specialized knowledge in many areas of software technologies. We can focus the right people on your business to turn your goals into reality. With developers in North America and Asia we are well positioned to deliver on your software requirements.

Dedicated Resources – you hire and direct developer(s) directly. It’s off-shore meets in-house! Watch the video below for an overview of this service.



— Mix your resources with off-shore and take advantage of lower costs

— Direct resources directly with local North American Management off-shore — Use your own collaboration tools or use or own systems (JIRA or Slack) — No long term commitments, use the resource as necessary

Here’s how it works:

1- Let us know the type of developer you are looking for e.g. iOS, android.. along with any specific experience required e.g. Amazon S3 Integration. (If you are unsure of the type of developer you need, contact us to discuss)

2- We deliver resumes of qualified Apexacore developers to you

3- You pick an Apexacore developer and choose a start date, we setup collaboration tools based on your needs (or add the new developer to your own)

4- You direct the developer with work tasks, our project manager monitors tasks and progress on a daily basis

5- At the end of each work day, the developer gives an update to you and our project manager.

The developer is totally dedicated to your business 100% and will not work on any other projects, they become another member of your team.

Benefits of Outsourcing

– Reduce costs

– Access new resources

– Free up internal resources – Improve customer focus

– Accelerate projects

– Reduce time to market

– Flexibility

Common Percieved Risks

– Some functions are not easily outsourced

– Augment your team, outsource only what makes sense to your business.

What if developers are inexperienced or have outdated technology skills?

– Our developers have at least 3 years experience, you can view resumes and pick the right developer for you.

What if we lose control?

– Day to day control is provided by North American staff “In Country”

What if our existing employee morale is affected negatively?

– Keep key development with your local team, augment your team to lower the workload (especially with mundane development tasks) and you can even increase morale.

What if we get locked in?

– We have open contracts, stop at any time. Have full access to all source code / IP at all times, you always have access.

What about quality of service?

– We follow North American quality standards enforced by a North American Management team.

Are there any hidden costs?

– There are no hidden costs, only pay for services that you use.

What about Security: Code security & Confidentiality?

– Legal Agreements are with a Canadian Company, following North American legal guidelines.

What about an Exclusive agreement?

– If required we can negotiate a deal where we won’t work with a direct competitor.

What about Infrastructure- How is everything secure?

– We have a secure work environment, key card access and secure networks – Our people have background checks, and a quality vetting procedure.

Do you have business Continuity plans to mitigate a natural disaster or political unrest etc?

– We use the latest cloud based technology gives the ability to move operations as quickly as possible, if required.

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