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Businesses are leveraging the power of mobile all over the world.

With so many platforms, applications, and areas where they could focus – where is the best place to start? From our teams 10 years experience in the mobile enterprise business we offer the following guidance:

  • How to Pick an Application where you will get the biggest impact: Start with one application – don’t try and start by rolling out apps across the whole company.
  • Which Platform to Use: Use a development platform. It saves development time, gets you on more mobile platforms and makes updating apps in the workforce a lot simpler.

Clients we work with typically fall into two categories:

1 – A company looking to mobilize internal processes for employees, giving them access to information on a mobile device, gathering information (inc. Signatures and images) in the field and giving them the ability to create reports or close work orders.

2 – Independent Software Vendors with an existing enterprise product that is looking for a mobile solution.


For an Enterprise, a cross platform development tool is essential. In the world of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the inability to tie a company to a single mobile platform makes deploying on multiple platforms essential.
When we build and deliver a custom solution to a client we will pick the best tool for the job, depending on your requirements and circumstances. There are generally two parts to a mobile enterprise system, the back-end integration / access point and the mobile app. Apexacore can build a custom solution for integration or leverage existing technologies. For mobile application development a platform like PhoneGap or Titanium could be used.
We can advise on problems specific to enterprise applications for example:
How to deal with offline application use
How to deal with synchronization and data conflict issues
How to integrate mobile data updates alongside existing processes

Here are some Enterprise Apps we’ve worked on in the past:

  • Government Department – Tablet solution to give employees access to real time data
  • Facilities Management Vendor – Mobile solution to provide work orders on smartphones
  • Website Owner – Created a mobile app showing back-end data for a real estate company
  • Not for profit – App to help supporters have access to current needs

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