Apexacore Development Investment Program

We are your Partners in Success


The Apexacore Development Investment Program (ADIP) is aimed at helping early stage technology startups that have software products as part of their IP. Apexacore provides software development services in exchange for payment and equity, typically split at 50/50. Startups get an affordable solution for building their technology and a development partner to advise and assist in technology & business strategy.

Who can apply?

Technology companies that have a viable business plan, and can sell us on their idea.

What kind of technology companies are you looking for?

We are currently active in mobile app development, SaaS / Cloud apps, Gaming and VR products, however we are open to looking at any opportunity that fills a need and has potential.

How to join?

Pitch us your company and product idea, like any other potential investor. We will give you feedback and let you know if there is a fit for your company. Your first step is to answer a basic list of questions, we will then follow up with you for more information and/or arrange a pitch session either in person or via Skype.

What are the benefits?

  • Lower up front costs to get your product developed
  • Gain a development team, as an extension of your own company
  • Gain a valuable advisory team, that are stakeholders in your businesses success

Can you give some portfolio companies as examples?

Adsaki – Building a cloud platform to revolutionize marketing procurement

Vessel-Ex – Developing a new consumer technology to enhance gaming experiences

Red Dwarf Studios – Building a VR interactive movie experience

Hidden PayCheck –  Management of all app development on iOS and Android

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